CANDIDA? Never Again!

Safer Candida Control

Have you been looking for a safer, easier, cheaper, over-the-counter product for Candida control? Lufenuron fits all of those criteria. Not only is it easy to use, but it puts no burden on the liver and kidneys as can happen with the traditional prescription medicines.

Logical Anti-Candida Action

Fungal cell walls are made of chitin. It is like armour to protect the cell, like insects have an exoskeleton, also made of chitin. Our bodies can actually produce some chitinase to start the breakdown, but once the Candida gets out of hand, the body is incapable of doing the job all by itself. Nothing higher than lobsters or shrimp makes or uses chitin, so the chitonase is totally inert and harmless to mammal s. The Lufenuron inhibits the formation of chitin. It weakens and breaks the outer shell covering of the fungal cell, allowing your own body to attack and destroy the Candida cells. I know it sounds simple, but sometimes the best things are the simplest.

Lufenuron is Environmentally Friendly Candida Cure

Lufenuron is safe. Mammals do not produce or use chitin. We even make chitiase to help destroy chitin. The Lufenuron affects only insects and lower organisms. This includes fungus, yeast, and mold. Lufenuron has been used on literally millions of cats and dogs with no adverse side effects. It is so safe that an LD-50 has not even been established because test subjects were not able to eat enough of it to show a negative reaction. Lufenuron is the safest treatment for Candida available.

Tests Show That Lufenuron Really Works

U.S. Pat. No. 4,798,837, discloses that Lufenuron was found to be effective against Candida. You can read the entire story here. But in a nut shell, it says that use of Lufenuron

“allows therapeutic treatment of a variety of fungal infections. These include systemic infections as well as topical fungal infections. In particular, it allows treatment of skin fungal infections in both humans and animals, nail or genital fungal infections in humans, eye fungal infections or ear fungal infections in both humans and animals, and others. Particular examples of fungal infections which may be treated in accordance with the invention are caused by dermatophytes which cause various skin fungal infections of the skin, nails or hair; those of the genus Aspergillas, and yeasts, e.g. . . . Candida."

More Reliable Fungus Cure Products, Guaranteed!

Candida as a problem comes up over and over again. It may actually be one of the great underlying cause of almost all chronic diseases or at least accompanies a relatively unhealthy body condition. Once Candida escapes the digestive system through holes left by an irritated digestive lining, it spreads throughout the body, and once in the blood, it switches from a yeast to a fungus, and can invade every organ and system. It takes a powerful product to defeat the Candida ~~ that is Lufenuron!